About Isa-Genius – Leading Isagenix Distributor

Isa-Genius was developed by Isagenix user, Heidi MacAllan. Before Heidi (pictured) found Isagenix, she had tried every pill and fad diet on the market, but everything had failed her. She found herself unable to shake the weight on her body, especially post having her second daughter.
She was finally introduced to Isagenix by a friend who had found incredible results using the products. Hopeful to gain the same results, Heidi ordered her first pack.
The picture speaks for itself – Heidi was able to release an incredible 27 kilograms of fat in a matter of months. She had finally found something that worked. She then began sharing the product with those around, and saw her own story of weight loss replicate itself over and over again in the lives of her friends. She would share the Isagenix products with those around her, and then coach them into health success. This message of hope spread like wildfire in Heidi’s network, until she realised she could quit her job of nursing, to coach people into health full-time.

However, she continually found that her friends always had difficulty buying Isagenix products online – her friends wouldn’t know what which program was right for them, and even if they did they had difficulty ordering them on the sometimes tricky Isagenix back office.

So, to cut a long story short, Heidi became a Isagenix distributor and developed ‘Isa-Genius’, to make sure people could get their hands on Isagenix products as quickly and easily as possible!

So, Heidi & the Isa-Genius team hope you have enjoyed your visit to Isa-Genius.com.au! If you have any more questions or would like to order your products over email or the phone please contact us!

Call Heidi MacAllan on 0416340390 if you have any questions or would like to order over the phone.

Alternatively you can email the Isa-Genius team on info@isa-genius.com.au